About the Author

Roy Reichelt

I was born in New Rochelle, NewYork and currently live in Nevada. My wife Lisa and I have been happily married for over thirty years. Together, Lisa and I raised three children and now have three grandchildren. I served in and retired from The United States Air Force after twenty-one years.

Currently, I’m working as a Department of The Air Force civil servant. My father and late mother are also Air Force veterans.

As a young man, I worked many different jobs which include, but not limited to restaurant work, produce sales, paper courier, survey rodman, gas station attendant, moving and storage, construction laborer and grocery store stockman, just to name a few. As a military brat, I traveled the world with my family, living in many places.

My hobbies are motorcycles and classic cars. I also enjoy fishing, camping, writing poetry, and listening to most all forms of music. The Doors are just one of my favorites. Lastly, I enjoy classic old movies mysteries like the Charlie Chan series.